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Jamie Matthews, Quidditch Reporter Extraordinaire (x)


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"I’m not going to do the ice bucket challenge, I’m very sorry. It’s not going to make a difference if I do it or not. Everyone knows about the ice bucket challenge by this point. So instead I wanted to do what, it seems like a lot of people who do the ice bucket challenge don’t do, which is: talk about ALS, explain what ALS is."

he’s also going to donate $1,000

how can people even hate him? he’s amazing.


What a totally normal non pagan garden we have here








regulus black, unappreciated bamf extraordinaire

i will pretty much defend regulus until i die because of how fucking enraged i was by this being removed from the films

people say that gryffindors are the selfless ones but regulus is your shining bloody beacon of NO because his courage is entirely that of his house. it isn’t remotely reckless. it is clever. when harry has to ask kreacher to stalk draco in HBP, he has to make sure to close all the loopholes in kreacher’s thinking, to prevent him from telling draco what he’s up to. to prevent him from serving draco instead of harry. and that’s complicated enough.

regulus’ instructions provide kreacher with absolutely no method of sacrificing himself for regulus - the person he absolutely adores - and regulus never falters in that because it is the right thing to do. he knows, surely, how much this is going to destroy kreacher, but he also knows that it’s his choice to die and he cannot pass it off onto a house elf. that’s slytherin courage. it’s borne out of calculation, knowledge of the emotions of others and being able to put your own aside to protect what is yours.

tl;dr i have a lot of regulus feels OK

He knew he could make the most meaningful impact in getting that locket; he knew it would mean his death; he planned, strategically, to make sure it would be a flawless plan; and he knew the success of his mission would mean that no one could know about what happened.

Regulus is a bamf to the tenth degree. He’s a little lion, little king, and I adore him.

YES. there was no reason, really, to leave that letter other than that he wanted voldemort to know it was him. nobody else. it wasn’t about seeking glory. regulus had voldemort’s death in mind when he wrote the letter so i don’t think he cared if the secret went to voldemort’s grave. but he wanted voldemort to know, all the same, and i think that’s a big part of snake courage. it isn’t showmanship but it is about cold, calculated revenge. his legacy wasn’t as important as voldemort’s downfall and i think that’s so inspirational.

Exactly. He weighed his options very carefully. I was okay doing these charts until I got to the last list when I just imagined his shaking hand as he’s trying to write this letter and he knocks over an inkwell and he berates himself, calms his breath, and writes draft after draft, stroke after stroke, until it’s smooth as fuck so no trace of fear is visible in those tiny letters. And it was a very calculating thing to do; he didn’t rush into death, defending someone else, like his brother, and he had no idea if his mission would be successful in the long or the short run, but he did it anyway.

that’s exactly it. exactly. courage isn’t the absence of fear but the judgment that something is more important than fear, and all that. i think harry’s walk into the forbidden forest at the end of DH is a good example of the different kinds of death - harry envies his parents’ deaths because they acted in the heat of the moment, to protect someone else. he has to walk alone and slowly towards his own death. and i often think about how regulus had to do that very same thing at almost the same age - only he didn’t have the resurrection stone to help him. 

He did have kreacher though. I just wonder how much he was thinking of sirius, then, and his parents, or if he wouldn’t have allowed such thoughts just then.

He was EIGHTEEN, a death eater who absolutely idolized this man, fervently believed it all—never questioned—lost his brother, and then it all comes crashing down when he realizes what kind of monster Voldemort really is.

But yes, their marches to death were so similar—eyes wide open, focusing on the task at hand, measuring their breaths, knowing they were going to die.



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Why Into The Dalek Was Proper Doctor Who


  • Passed the Bechdel test with flying colours.
  • Challenged gender roles: Journey is a soldier, fierce, ruthless, career orientated, ready to get the job done; Danny Pink, although framed as a ‘ladies’ man’ is painfully shy when interacting with Clara, cries over a remembered…





This is 10x funnier if you read it in their voices

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Lisa thiel- samhain song
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